Legacy Society

St. Joseph Sylvania Legacy Society

St. Joseph Sylvania is building a strong and vibrant future for the parish and school.  Our Legacy Society has been established to recognize and honor each parish member who has made plans to benefit the future spiritual and educational ministries of our parish and school. Their commitment, vision and generosity offer inspiration to others in our parish family.  Through your planned gift, you will also help fund our legacy in the future.

St. Joseph Legacy Society Members

Timothy Bachar Kathleen Condon* Richard and Kathleen Faist
Dick and Debbie Fotoples Bernie and Anne Heinl Helen Hoehner
Larry and Jill Johnson Paul* and Justine Keeler Jeffrey D. Long*
Ken and Rita Martin Catherine McDorman* Lucy Merickel*
Harold Mossing* Lucy Murawa* Ed and Janet Ruszkiewicz
Shirley Sarahman* Sue Schafstall Lila Smith*
Jim and Denise Stump Helen Teal* Anonymous (5 Donors)

The above listing includes those individuals who have made their planned giving intentions known to the Parish. If you have included St. Joseph in your estate planning, please let us know.  We would like to show our appreciation by including you as a member of our Legacy Society.  Contact Kim Koesters at kkoesters@stjoesylvania.org or 419-885-5791.


"What you are given, you are given to share.” 

     I first learned this message in a song I sang in third grade while attending Christ the King School in Detroit, Michigan.  I have always remembered that song and do my best to share what I am given.  I love St. Joseph Parish; I love doing what I can to support it while being involved in activities and spending time with my fellow parishioners. 

     I enjoy ministries such as the funeral luncheons, Lunch ‘N Learn, taking care of altar linens, and inserting flyers in the bulletins. My faith is very important to me, and I have chosen to include St. Joseph Parish in my will.  I truly feel that when you give, you receive so much more, and this is my way of saying “thanks” for all St. Joe’s has done for me.

Helen Hoehner


My husband has been a member of St. Joseph Parish since 1994, and I have been a full member since completing RCIA in 1997. Married in 2001, we have attended St. Joseph together since that time, and we believe it is important to feel a part of a community; that happens by being involved. Between the two of us, we are active in the Con Brio choir, Men’s CRHP, and the Greeters and Eucharistic Ministries. Believing that outwardly expressing our love for God through music, welcoming Mass attendees, and distributing the body and blood of Christ, we may touch others as they become closer to God.

     We have put St. Joseph Parish in our wills/estate plans. When deciding where we wanted our assets distributed when we are no longer on this earth, we both knew without reservation that our parish would be on that list. We are committed to advancing the ministry of the church and pray that some day it can be debt free and able to minister to all the special needs that arise without limitations. We feel very blessed every day and desire to share our blessings with others whenever we can, with our spiritual life being the most important part of our living.

Jill and Larry Johnson

The Martin experience at St. Joe’s has been remarkable!  All aspects of it as a matter of fact. 
     The education that our children received while attending St. Joseph Elementary School prepared them for high school in an uncompromising fashion. They excelled in just about every subject as a result of the attentive, hands-on training they received from some very talented and caring professionals.  The grades they received in high school and the reports from their teachers proved that they were well prepared.
     Just as important as the scholastics, however, were the “life” lessons concerning God and their fellow man, which had been taught at home and were reinforced by the school staff.  The foundation resulted in well-rounded, caring, contributing individuals. 
     Aside from the school, we as a family have benefited and continue to benefit from our ongoing relationship with St. Joseph Parish.  Whether from the Masses, the functions, or the friendships, we are grateful for all St. Joseph does, and that is really at the base of why we want to pay it forward with our estate planning.  The fantastic programs available to all who are a part of the St. Joseph family must be supported by families like ours so that this marvelous institution can continue long into the future.

Ken Martin

My wife and I have been members of St Joe's for twenty plus years. In that time we have gained many wonderful friendships. 
     For us, The Church has become part of an extended family. While at church, be it participating in a Mass, special event or other social activity, we find a consistent reflection of those additional blessings.
     Along with our church, we have experienced numerous opportunities throughout our entire lives. Warm loving families, career success and lifelong friends. As many, we have experienced both the good times and the bad of life in general. But throughout the entire journey we believe God has truly protected and blessed us in many, many ways. Because of that grace, sharing with others is important to us.
     It is because St Joseph's is our church and holds a special place of reverence we are proud to extend our continued sharing by including it in our will.
     We choose to remain anonymous in this act of giving. 




Leaving a Legacy

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