Councils and Boards

Endowment Board of Trustees

The St. Joseph School Endowment Fund was established in 1989 to perpetuate, partially support, and uphold the educational work of St. Joseph School.  The Endowment Board of Trustees, who meet quarterly, oversee the fund.  
    Contact:  Jim Floyd, Business Manager (419) 885-5791  

Tom Daney Anne Eddingfield
Dick Faist Kevin Kenney
Jeff Wisniewski  

Finance Council

St. Joseph Parish Finance Council oversees the financial operations of the parish.  The council meets bimonthly to reveiw parish and school finances and provides recommendations to our pastor regarding parish finances. 
    Contact:  Jim Floyd, Business Manager (419) 885-5791  

Dick Faist Christine Hosinski
Steve House Kevin Kelly
Jim Layman Tracy Leamy
Terry Thomas  

Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council is a group of ten parishioners who serve as an advisory body for pastoral leadership in our community.  They are asked to provide to the Pastor relevant counsel for ensuring the spiritual and pastoral vitality of our parish.
    Contact:  Msgr. Dennis Metzger (419) 885-5791  

Michelle Colella Marianne DeLapp
Laura Denyer Shelly LaRosa
Dave Mallory Denise Olson
Scott Raszka Mary Elaine Schoen
Terry Schuessler Jeff Traudt

Office of Youth Catechesis and Formation Advisory Council

The OYCF administrates (designs, develops, directs and evaluates) a parish catechetical program for young people from pre-school through high school and provides leadership to assist the parish community in building a solid foundation of catechetical ministry and outreach.  The OYCF Advisory Council offers advice to the director regarding programming for our parish youth and families. 
    Contact:  Rachael Hunyor, Director

Roxane Chopp Shannon DelVerne
Stacy Lievens Amber Malone
Betsy Pawlecki Abbey Riley
Kris Soldner Christie Soltman
Cathy Tsou  

 School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council concerns itself with the planning and formulating of educational policy for
St. Joseph School, and acts in the advisory capacity to the pastor and principal.  Meetings are usually open to parish members.
    Contact:  Amy Giordano, President

Nancy Arquette Mark Bigelow
Gregory Brogley Amy Giordano
Rita Hayes Jon Mick
K.T. Newsom Salvador Peron
Ann Riddle Joseph Verkennes
Frank Zbierajewski